Russian Cooking and Recipes.

Contents of the Coffee recipes.

Substitute coffee

 Dandelions roots coffee.
 Grape seeds coffee.
 Acorn coffee.
 Barley coffee.
Chicory roots coffee Chicory roots coffee.
 Oats Barley coffee.
 Rey coffee.
 War corn meal coffee.

All over the world coffee

 All Canadian coffee.
 Boston Caribbean coffee.
 Brazilian Coffee.
 Cafe Vienna Coffee Mix.
 Irish coffee.
 Indian coffee.
 Italian coffee.
 Mexican coffee.
 Russian coffee.
 Spanish coffee.
 Thai coffee.
 Turkish coffee.
 Vietnamese Iced coffee.
 Viennese coffee.
 Viennese brandy coffee.

 Arabic coffee.
 Anatole coffee.
 Almond coffee.
Brandy coffee.
 Rum Brandy coffee.
 Blue Morning Choice coffee
 Burning Coffee.
 Black Cinnamon coffee.
 Black Gold coffee.
 Black Forest Mocha.
 Bum Bum coffee.

 Hot Liquor Coffee.

 Cup of coffee with Vodka.
 Coffee of love.
 Chocolate coffee.
 Capriccio coffee.
 Coffee Cloud coffee.
 Cafe Francais.
 Cafe Cocoa L orange.
 Cinnamon coffee.
 Cafe Mocha.
 Cafe Latte mix.

 Cafe Mixes.
 Chocolate Cappuccino coffee mix.
 Coffee Float.
 Coffee Soda.
 Coffee Frosting.
 Iced Cappuccino.
 Iced Chocolate Espresso.
 Iced Cafe Au Lait.

 South of the Border Coffee.
 Cowboy Coffee.
 Eggnog Latte.
 Praline Coffee.
 Raspberry Cappuccino.
 Raspberry Truffle Latte.
 Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino.

 Spiced allspice coffee.
 Toffee coffee mix.
 Lemon coffee.
 Maraschino coffee.
 Nogged coffee.

 Frosty Mochas.
 Salty coffee.
 Mint Nutmeg coffee.
 Odorous coffee.
 Dounga coffee.
 Ice coffee.
 Vanilla Almond coffee.
 Morning coffee.

 Milkshakes coffee.
 White Chocolate coffee.
 Spiced Orange coffee.
 Mint Cocoa coffee.
 Heart Throb coffee.

 Hot Kiss coffee.
 Cafe au Lait coffee.
 Pineapple juice coffee.
 Ice cream hot coffee.
 Honey coffee.
 Cocoa egg yolk coffee.

 Iced coffee Slush.
 Yolk Ice cream coffee.

 Persimmon coffee.
 Mocha Yava coffee.
 Instant Cafe au Lait coffee.
 Orange Nutmeg Coffee Mix.
 Mocha Espresso Coffee Mix.
 Rich Vanilla Coffee Mix.
Beverages and drinks.

Coffee recipe


1,5 tsp coffee, freshly ground
1 cup water


1. Put the water in the pot and bring it to a boil.

2. When the water is boiling, take it off the stove, and immediately add the coffee into the water stirring. Set a side for several minutes. Heat your coffee again.

3. Pour the coffee through the filter and serve.

to store coffee beans The best way to store coffee beans, ground or whole, is in an opaque, airtight canister just big enough to hold them, with as little air at the top as possible.

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