Contents. Pastry, Cakes, Pies, Cookies

Cake: Birds Milk

Sour Cream Cake

Buckwheat patties

Blini Beer pancakes

Blinchiky - pancakes

Blini - pancakes

Blini filled with meat - pancakes

Blini millet and flour - pancakes

Blini millet and semolina Blini - pancakes

Blini filled with pot cheese - pancakes

Oatmeal Cutlets

Olady - pancakes

Olady with Apples - pancakes

Olady with spinach or nettles

Bread rolls, homemade, crusty

Buckwheat cakes

Buckwheat blini - pancakes

Cheese Pie

Ginger cookies with cloves

Cookies with cinnamon, fried

Rolls with nuts or poppy seeds

Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies with walnuts

Farina sweet Cake

Farina cake with cinnamon.

Hvorost - Brushwood.

Round bread - Kalach.

Karavai from pancakes with meat

Kulich cake without yeast

Kulich Cake with almonds

Puff Cake: Napoleon

Nuts with sweet filling - pastry

Apples puff pie

Pie with Blueberry

Pie with buckwheat and mushrooms

Pie with cabbage filling

Pie with carrot filling

Pie with fish and rice

Pie with apple jam

Pie with mushrooms

Pie with green onion filling

Pie with rice and eggs

Pie with spinach or nettles

Gingerbread cinnamon ginger

Holiday gingerbreads

Honey cloves gingerbreads

Honey gingerbreads, cinnamon, almonds

Gingerbreads with cocoa: New Year

Gingerbreads with Mint syrup

White gingerbreads with starch

Блины с тыквой