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Contents Fish.

Fish cutletsCodfish potatoes balls with ketchup
Fish, leek cutlets.
Fish, potato cutlets.
Kulebyaka with fish and buckwheat.
Pelmeni with fish.
Rasstegai with fish.
Bream roe, fried.
Salmon salted with spices.
Lox salted with spices.
Baked sturgeon with mushrooms.
Fish soup, Salmon.
Uha, Fish broth.
Uha, Fish broth with Celery.
Fish in Aspic (Zalivnoe).
Codfish baked with carrot.
Codfish or zander Stewed.
Haddock baked in the oven.
Fried Bream.
Fried Bream coated in the oats.
Zander in Oatmeal.

Fish Salads:

Lettuce with pancakes and salmon.
Fish salad with eggs, puffed.
Fish salad with carrot, puffed.
Herring salad with red beets, puffed.
Tuna salad.

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