Potato oladie with filling.

с картофелем блюда

✔ 2 lb fresh peeled, finely grated potatoes.
✔ Milk
✔ 2 fresh eggs.
✔ 2 onions
✔ 8 oz cheese
salt, black pepper
oil to fry.

For filling:
8 oz mushrooms, fresh, washed and cooked, strained and drained.
✔ 8 oz fresh meat, ground.
✔ greenery.

Potato oladie with mushrooms filling

Cooking Instructions:
1. Peel fresh potatoes and grate finely, squeeze out the juice and add boiled hot milk, instead the juice. Cool the mixture.
2. Combine with chopped onion, salt, pepper and eggs.
3. Make Filling: Chopped mushrooms combine with ground meat and greenery.
4. Take the 7 - 10 tablespoons of oil or butter and clarify them in large skillet over a low heat. Put 1 tbsp potatoes mixture into the skillet, and add in the centre it 1 tsp filling. Place over a medium- high heat and when hot fry the Oladie for approx. 5 - 7 minutes per side or until done to suit your taste.
5. Serve with grated cheese or sour cream.