dandelions flowers soup

Cold soup with dandelions flowers.

20 dandelions flowers, washed.
3 carrots, grated.
300 g (10,6 oz) cabbage, shredded.
3 beets roots, grated.
3 fresh cucumbers, sliced.
1 cup spinach, chopped.
2 litre (4 pint) - water.
1 cup sour cream.
salt, lemon acid to taste.

1. Put grated beets and grated carrot into salted boiling water with lemon acid. Boil 1 - 2 minutes, add shredded cabbage and cook. Chill.
2. Take dandelions flowers and remove all greens from. Add into pot with vegetables dandelions flowers, cucumbers and spinach. The soup is ready.
3. Serve cold, topping each bowl with a spoonful of sour cream.

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