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Pot cheese souffle.

120 g (4,2 oz) pot cheese.
10 g (2 tsp) butter, melted.
1/2 egg, separated.
10 g (2 tsp) farina.
5 g (1 tsp) sugar.
30 g (1 oz) water.

For cherries sauce:
100 g (3,5 oz) water.
10 g (2 tsp) sugar.
30 g (1 oz) dark red cherries.
5 g (1 tsp) starch (potatoes).

1. Bring to boil 30 g of water. Gradually add farina into boiling water.
2. Combine farina with pot cheese. Add remained ingredients. At last add carefully egg yolk and stir in beaten to white foam egg - white.
3. Put the pot cheese mix into preheated greased tin. Bake in the oven until done.
4. Make cherries sauce: Combine all ingredients. Bring to boil. Pour over pot cheese souffle. Serve hot, with the cherries sauce.

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