Synonyms, Cooking and Recipes.

суп с Вешенками, крапивой и грибами

Bannock = Flat round cake
Bicarbonate of soda = Baking soda
Biscuits = Crackers/cookies
Boiling fowl = Stewing fowl
Broad beans = Lima beans
Baking tray = Cookie sheet
Cake cooler = Wire rack
Cake tin = Baking pan
Cake mixture = Cake batter
Castor sugar = Granulated sugar
Celery stick = Celery stalk
Chipolata sausages = Cocktail sausages
Corn flour = Cornstarch
Chips = French fried potatoes
Creamed potatoes = Mashed potatoes
Crisps = Potato chips
Demerara sugar = Light brown sugar
Dessicated coconut = Flaked coconut
Digestive biscuits = Graham crackers
Double cream = Whipping cream
Doughnut - Fried pastry
Essence = Extract
Farls = Quarters
Fats = Shortening
Flavorings - spices
Flaked almonds = Slivered almonds
Frosting sugar = Powdered sugar
Glace = Candied
Golden syrup = Light corn syrup
Hough = Shank of beef
Icing = Frosting
Jam = Preserves
Mince/minced beef = Ground beef
Mixed spices = Allspice
Nut of butter = Pat of butter
Pinhead oatmeal = Irish oatmeal
Rasher = Slice
Ratafia biscuits = Almond flavoured cookies/dried macaroons
Roast Potatoes = Oven browned potatoes
Salt beef = Corned beef brisket
Scone = Shortcake, biscuit
sauce = salsa = gravy
Self raising flour = All-purpose flour with baking powder
semolina = farina
Single cream = Light cream
Soft brown sugar = Light brown sugar
Spring onion = Scallion/green onion
Springform mold = Baking tin with hinged sides, held together by a metal clamp or pin, which is opened to release the cake or pie which was cooked inside.
Stewing steak = Braising beef
Stoned raisins = Seedless raisins
Strong plain flour = Unbleached white flour
Sultanas = Seedless white raisins
Skim = to remove cream from the surface of milk, fat from the tops of gravies and sauces or frothy scum from broths or jam and jellies during cooking.
Treacle = Molasses
Unsalted butter = Sweet butter
Whole meal = Whole wheat
Zbiten - an old Russian beverage made from cognac or vodka, honey, herb tea and spices.

Baking sheet or tray = Cookie sheet
Case = pie shell
Fry = Pan Fry (with fat)
Frying pan = Skillet
Girdle = Griddle
Grate = Shred
Greaseproof paper = Vegetable parchment or waxed paper
Grill = Broil
Gut = Clean
Jelly bag = Layers of cheesecloth
Knead = Punch down
Knock Back = Punch down
Large pot = Dutch oven or a deep cooking utensil with a tight fitting lid
Liquidizer = Electric blender
Mince = Grind
Polythene = Plastic wrap
Prove = Rise
Pudding cloth = Cheesecloth
Roasting tin = Roasting pan with rack
Sandwich tins = Round-layer pans
Stew = to simmer food slowly in a covered pan or casserole.
Strain = to separate liquids from solids by passing them through a metal or cloth sieve (such as cheesecloth).
Simmer = To cook food in liquid which is heated to just below boiling point.
Sieve = Sift
Stew pan or pan = Kettle
Tartlet tin = Muffin pan
Vegetable mill = Food mill
Whisk = Beat/whip