Cheese with chicken meat Balls - Klocki, boiled in chicken broth.

✔ 50 g cheese, grated (your favorite)
✔ 300 g chicken meat, fillet
✔ 1 tbsp milk
✔ 1 egg, beaten

сыр, чеснок, шпинат, укроп

Using the fine metal knife in the food processor mix chopped chicken fillet, cheese, egg, milk. Use the high speed setting for a very fine consistency. Mix until the mixture forms a ball. Using a teaspoon scoop out balls the size of large hazelnut from the mixture.

Put the balls in boiling chicken broth or water, add salt. Continue to boil until the balls rise to the surface. (boil 20 - 25 minutes on low heat). Remove with a skimmer.
Serve hot with finely chopped greenery.

caraway seeds, cumin