Zucchini Compote.

из кабачков рецепты

Zucchini Compote, home made, is healthy and tasty, contains a lot vitamins. We call it home made "Pineapple" compote.
✔ 1 ea fresh Zucchini
✔ 4 pint Water
✔ 600 g (1,3 lb) sugar
✔ 3 - 4 cloves
✔ 1/2 tsp vinegar (80 %) or lemon juice (from 1 ea - lemon)

Варенье с лимоном

1. Cube zucchini. Put into saucepan, pour water.
2. Bring mixture to a boil. Add sugar then mix until sugar dissolves.
3. Cook, and when cubed zucchini became yellow, even transparent, add cloves. Take away from the heat.
4. Add vinegar or flavour with lemon juice.
5. Distribute into jars. Close with lid very tightly. Jars to sterilize!