Green Tomato Salad with vegetables, Canned

из помидор

(We make this Salad in August or September for winter time)

✔ 6 lb Green, not ripe tomatoes
✔ 2 lb onion
✔ 4 lb carrot
✔ 1 lb tomatoes sauce (or 3 lb ripe tomatoes)
✔ 1 pint olive oil (or Soya oil)
✔ 3 tbsp salt
✔ 6 tbsp sugar
✔ pepper, bay leaves

из помидор с морковью

1. Combine minced: green (not ripe) tomatoes, carrot, and onion.
2. Add oil, salt, sugar and mix. Simmer 1 hour.
3. Add tomatoes sauce, pepper, bay leaves and simmer 0,5 hour.
4. Ladle hot vegetables mixture into hot sterilized jars, pack the mixture. Seal.