Nuts for health!

Конфеты сделать самому из сухого молока

Nuts and honey satisfy not only gastronomical, but aesthetic needs as well. A couple of nuts replace easily a sandwich by nourishing qualities. But thanks to small quantity of carbohydrate, nuts are harmless to slender waists. Besides that they assist in activating brain activity and are very good for nervous system.

Walnut softens the organism and dissolves solid tissues. It is very good in case of indigestion, strengthens the brains, heart and liver. Walnuts sharpen the senses, especially if they are taken with raisins and figs. They are very useful for elder people.

Honey cleans and opens congestions, removes solid tissues from the stomach and intestines, stagnant liquids from the organism, frees the brain from harmful substances. For good health, it is recommended to drink honey with water on an empty stomach. Honey is very good for stomach, exciting appetite and metabolism.

Almonds clean internal organs and strengthen the brain. In combination with sugar, it is good for sight and sore throat, helpful in case of asthma and stomach ulcer; it increases the quantity of sperm.Negative: Almonds are hard and slow to digest, they can be harmful to weak intestines.

Pistachio is good for the brain and heart, tachycardia, vomiting, nausea and liver disease. Pistachios assist to develop corpulence in case of hepatitis. Abuse of pistachios is very harmful to the stomach.