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Very tender and tasty dish. Rich in proteins. Satisfying. Tofu is an excellent substitute for animal protein.
Tofu contains high quality vegetable proteins (11%), which include replaceable and all essential amino acids, as well as large amounts of calcium and iron. Tofu can fully replace meat in the human diet. When this tofu - calorie product does not contain cholesterol, and can reduce the weight and improve the condition of cardiovascular diseases. Tofu perfectly replaces the eggs and milk in the diet of people. The Japanese eat very little animal protein and instead consume soy foods rich in vegetable protein! Japanese first place in life expectancy.
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Very revitalizing healthy drink. Dandelions roots are dried and ground, which make an excellent, convincing coffee substitute. Dandelions offer an abundance of nutrients, especially vitamins A, K, C & E and the minerals calcium, iron and manganese. Medicinally, dandelions are known to act as a diuretic, helping with liver, urinary and kidney disorders. It’s an excellent tonic and the dried leaves make an excellent all year round tea infusion.
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Rejuvenating drink. Very tasty.
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Dish for those who want to be slim and young. Tofu is extremely useful for health, as Tofu - a rich source of protein. Eating tofu contributes to energy production. Tofu - a rich source of iron, which is necessary to control the level of hemoglobin, which in turn is a transporter of oxygen throughout the body, providing human energy.
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Delicate sweet dessert flavored tofu with cocoa, vanilla and cashew nuts, for those who are want slim figure. Tofu contains a lot of easily digestible protein valuable.
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Very tasty Rice fry with asparagus and sprouts.
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Ginger promotes healthy cardiovascular health, helps circulation and acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant.
Coriander (cilantro) is an all round health affirming herb with a powerful synthesis of phyto-nutrients. It is also known to support heart health; to help balance blood sugar levels and is said to assist in the removal of heavy metals. Very bright, healthy salad of cabbage and vegetables, nuts and sesame seeds with a sharp dressing. Useful and tasty, with spices, it is simple to prepare, but taste delicious dishes, but because you can cook almost every day.
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Delicious soup with mushrooms, ginger and lemon zest. Herbs and spices make this soup extremely fragrant and wonderfully tasty.
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Very tasty, bright and satisfying dish. Beautiful and flavor. Excellent combination of corn and Shiitake. Spices and spicy herbs make this dish special.
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Zucchini rolls are suitable for any occasion, this appetizer decorate a festive table and make it bright. Delicious natural cheese makes these rolls are very delicate, and greenary bring an unusual flavor.
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Blini filled

Blini filled with meat

Cabbage rolls, stuffed with meat

Cabbage salad with cucumbers

Turnip salad. Served on lettuce leaves.

Tomatoes stuffed with cheese.

Farina cake with cinnamon

Pastry - nuts with sweet filling

Cookies with cottage cheese

Apple pie with pot cheese and raisins

Blini filled

Blini filled with meat

Chicken patties - cutlets.

Cheese Balls coated with grated Crab meat.

Healthy and tasty dishes
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Many traditional drinks are indigenous to Russia and are not present in other national cuisines. Medovukha, an alcoholic drink similar to mead. Kvass is an ancient and still widely popular bread-based drink. The basic method of preparing kvass includes water, bread and sugar, these ingredients are then used to make a dough which is subjected to fermentation. This final mixture is allowed to brew for several days. Flavor additives may include fruit and berry juices (cherry, raspberry, lemon, etc.), as well as ginger and mint.

Sbiten, a non-alcoholic (or very little alcohol) drink, is made of honey, water, fruit juices and spices, an immensely popular medieval drink which has since been replaced by tea as the Russian mainstay beverage. Sbiten was once the most popular non-alcoholic bevarage in the country, but in the last centuries has, been superseded and largely replaced by tea.

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